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Through Sumner County KS and really throughout the entire country, opioid abuse and heroin are really prevalent epidemics. Heroin is one of the most frequently used drugs in the Sumner County KS area, and local courts commonly hear about possession and use of heroin cases. If you have been arrested for heroin possession, even if it was only a tiny amount that you intended to use for yourself, you need the services of a good Sumner County KS heroin lawyer. An esteemed, expert heroin lawyer will help you to conquer the court case and move on with your life – and even help you to get the support that you need.

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It is important to recognize that if you have been found guilty of heroin possession, you will face Sumner County KS’s stern drug laws.

What Are the Heroin Penalties in Sumner County KS?

If you are declared guilty for possessing heroin, you may face the following:

First Offense: Up to one year in prison; 6 months license suspension

Second Offense: Up to two years in prison; one-year license suspension

Third Offense: Up to 3 years in prison; 2 years license suspension

Note that a heroin conviction has many far-reaching impacts on all areas of your life, including your ability to get a job, pass clearances, and even get custody of your children. You may also be ineligible for financial aid for school.

How To Validate Heroin Possession in Sumner County KS?

In Sumner County KS in order to be convicted of possessing a controlled substance, the prosecution must prove:

  • The accused knowingly and intentionally had an illegal drug in his or her possession.
  • The accused knew the drugs were unlawful, the accused knew the drugs were present, and the accused planned to use or control them.
  • The accused had actual or constructive possession of a controlled substance. In other words, the accused had the drug on his or her person, such as in his or her pocket, or in a spot that he or she had control over, like the trunk of the car or hidden under the bed.

What Does Sumner County KS Law Say About Drugs?

Under State and federal laws, it is prohibited to knowingly possess drugs or medications that you do not have a prescription for. Any violations of this law are considered to be a misdemeanor.

It is also against State and federal laws to manufacture, deliver, or possess with the intent to deliver any drugs unless you have a license to do so. Any violation of this statute is a felony.

Learn More About Your Next Steps From Our Sumner County KS Heroin Lawyer

If you have been charged with a heroin offense, the first thing you need to do is get a good Sumner County KS heroin lawyer. Even if you haven’t been charged yet, but you think you will be, you need to hire a lawyer.

What should you look for? A professional Sumner County KS heroin attorney that has real experience in handling cases in court. Someone who is able to draw on his or her relationships and understanding of the court system to help you lessen or dismiss your charges. Looking for someone that has drug law experience can help you to get the help that you need.

One thing that is important to note is that you do not want to talk to anyone without a heroin lawyer present. Your lawyer will be able to help you answer questions and collect information that is critical to your case. Most notably, a reputable Sumner County KS heroin lawyer will be able to assess whether or not there was probable cause to charge you with the crime, something that can help you in court immensely. The earlier you have a lawyer, the easier it is to confirm this.

Contact us today at (316) 512-1930 to get connected with the top Sumner County KS heroin lawyer that can help you to fight your charges and get your life back on track.

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